Club Gradings are held every 3 months (March/June/September/December)
Students are normally informed by the instructor one or two sessions in advance if they are permitted to attempt this.
The fee's upto 3rd kyu are currently £10, 2nd kyu £15 & 1st kyu £20
Spectators are not allowed!
All students should be ready to start on-time and be wearing a clean gi with badges, have an up-to-date licence and pads to participate in the sparring.
Students attempting 8th kyu and above are also expected to have knowledge of the terminology. The higher the grade, the greater the knowledge required!
10th Kyu
Strikes: Seiken Morote-Tsuki Jodan/Chudan/Gedan, Seiken Oi-Tsuki j-c-g Blocks: Seiken Jodan Uke, Mae-Gedan-Baria Kicks: Hiza ganmen geri & Kin geri
Renraku 1: Jodan Tsuki-Jodan uke-kin geri-jodan uke Renraku 2: Chudan tsuki, Mae gedan barai, hiza ganmen geri, mae gedan barai
Kata: Taikyoku sono ichi Exercises: 10 push-ups & 20 sit-ups
9th Kyu
Strikes: Seiken ago uchi, Seiken Gyaku Tsuki j-c-g Blocks: Seiken chudan uchi-uke, Seiken chudan soto-uke Kicks: Mae geri chudan chusoku Sanbon kumite, Renraku: Gyaku tsuki, Mae geri chudan kata: Taikyoku sono ni Exercises: 15 push-ups & 25 sit-ups
8th Kyu
Strikes: Tate Tsuki j-c-g, Shita Tsuki, Jun Tsuki j-c-g Blocks: Seiken morote uchi-uke, Seiken uchi uke-mae gedan barai
Kicks: Mae geri jodan Renraku 1: Mae geri chudan, Gyaku tsuki chudan Renraku 2: soto uke, mae gedan barai, gyaku tsuki chudan
Kata: Taikyoku sono san Exercises: 20push-ups + 10 4fingers, 30 sit-ups & 10 squats
7th Kyu
Strikes: Tetsui oroshi ganmen uchi, Tetsui komi kame, Tetsui hizo uchi, Tetsui yoko-mae uchi j-c-g, Tetsui yoko uchi j-c-g Blocks: Seiken mawashi gedan barai, Shuto mawashi uke Kicks: Mae chusoku keage, Taisoku soto keage, Sokuto uchi keage & yoko keage Renraku: step forward gyaku tsui mae geri X 2 & gyaku tsuki Kata: pinan sono ichi Exercises: 25 push-ups + 15 4F then h10, 35 sit-ups & 20 squats
6th Kyu
Strikes: Uraken ganmen uchi, Uraken sayu ganmen uchi, Uraken hizo uchi, Uraken Oroshi ganmen uchi, Uraken mawashi uchi, Mae Tsuki, Yohon Nukite Jodan/chudan, Blocks: Seiken Juji uke Jodan & gedan Kicks: Mawashi geri gedan Haisoku/chusoku, Kensetsu geri, Yoko geri chudan Renraku 1: mawashi geri chudan-gyakus tsuki chudan Renraku 2: yoko geri chudan-gyaku tsuki Kata: Pinan sono ni
Exercises: 3 push-ups, 10 4XF h10, 40 sit-ups & 30 squats
5th Kyu
Strikes: Shotei Uchi j-c-g, Jodan hiji ate, Blocks: Shotei  uke j-c-g Kicks: Mawashi geri chudan haisoku & chusoku, 3 methods of Ushiro geri Renraku 1:  Ushiro geri chudan-gyaku tsuki Renraku 2: Mae ger-yoko geri-ushiro geri -gyaku tsuki Kata: Pinan sono san Exercises: 35 push-ups, 15 4XF h10, 45 sit-ups & 40 squats
4th Kyu
Strikes: Shuto sukotsu uchi, Shuto yoko ganmen uchi, Shuto uchi komi, Shuto Hizo uchi, Shuto jodan uchi-uchi Blocks: Shuto jodan uchi-uke, Shuto jodan uke, Shuto uchi uke, Shuto soto uke, Shuto mae gedan barai, mae shuto mawashi uke Kicks: Yoko geri jodan, Mawashi geri jodan haisoku/chusoku, ushiro geri jodan Kata: Sanchin no kata ibuki Exercises: 40 push-ups 10 X 3F h10, 50 sit-ups, 50 squats & 10 jumps
3rd Kyu
Strikes: Chudan hiji ate, Chudan mae hiji ate, Age hiji ate jodan/chudan, Ushiro hiji ate, Oroshi hiji ate Blocks: Shuto juji uke jodan/gedan Kicks: Mae kakato geri j-c-g, ago geri jodan Kata: Pinan sono yon, sanchin no kata-kiai Exercises: 45 push-ups, 15 X 3F h10, 70 sit-ups, 60 squats & 15 jumps
2nd Kyu
Strikes: Hiraken tsuki Jodan/chudan, Hiraken oroshi ganmen uchi, Hiraken mawashi uchi, Haishu Jodan/chudan, Age jodan tsuki Blocks: Koken uke j-c-g Kicks: Tobi nidan geri, 3 methods of tobi mae geri Renraku:  slide back-mae gedan barai, forward jodan ago uchi, forward gyaku tsuki chudan, step-up mae geri chudan, mawashi geri jodan, ushiro geri chudan, mae gedan barai & gyaku tsuki chudan
Kata: Pinan sono go, Geksai dai Exercises: 50 push-ups, 10 X 2F h15, 100 sit-ups, 70 squats & 20 jumps
1st Kyu
Ryutoken tsuki j-c, Naka yubi ippon ken j-c, Oya yubi ippon ken j-c Blocks: Kake uke jodan, Haito chudan uchi uke, blocking with legs Kicks: Jodan uchi haisouku geri, uchi oroshi kakato geri, soto oroshi kakato geri & tobi yoko geri Renraku 1: Oi tsuki, gyaku tsuki, oi tsui, shita tsuki with head cover Renraku 2: front leg jodan mawashi geri, oi & gyaku tsuki followed by back leg mawashi geri jodan Kata's: Yantsu & Tsuki no kata Exercises: 55 push-ups, 15 X 2F h15, 100 sit-ups, 70 squats & 20 jumps
1st dan Black-belt
Strikes: Morote haito uchi j-c, Haito uchi j-c-g Blocks: Morote kake uke jodan, Osai uke Kicks: Kake ger kakato j-c, Kake geri chusoku j-c, Ushiro mawashi geri j-c-g Renraku: Gohon Geri Kata's: Saiha, Tensho & Taikyoku 's in ura Exercises: 60 push-ups, 10 X 1F h15, 150 sit-ups & 100 squats
2nd dan Black-belt
Toho-uchi, Keiko-uchi, Ippon-Nukite-Jodan. Blocks: Hiji-uke (chudan), Shotei-Morote-Gedan-Uke, Shuto-Morote-Gedan-Uke. Kicks: Tobi-Ushiro-geri, Tobi-Ushiro-Mawashi-geri, Tobi-Mawashi-geri, Age-kakato-ushiro-geri. Katas: Kanku-dai, Geksai-Sho, Seienchin, Pinan-ichi in ura, Tameshiwari: Mandatory break with seiken, optional-students choice, Exercises: 65 push-ups, 5 X 5F h20, 150 sit-ups, 100 squats. Candidate is expected to have national or international tournament experience (fighting/support). Qualification as judge in wuko/clicker/knockdown will be considered.

Thank you very much: Domo arigato gozai mashita. 

codes for above: j-c-g: jodan-chudan-gedan, Da-Vinci Code as above: (10 X 1F h15) refers to pushups (10 times 1 finger and hold for 15 seconds)
General Terms:
Karate: Empty hand, Dojo: Way Place, Rei: Bow, Kyokushinkai: ultimate truth or reality to meet, join or associtate, Kohai: junior, Senpai: Senior, Sensei: Teacher, Shihan: Master, Gi: suit, Obi: belt, Tatami: mat, Osu: an aknowledgement, Kiai: Energy shout
Uchi: has two meanings Strike or inside, Uke: to block or receive  Renraku: set fighting combination Kata: Shape or Form, Kihon: Basics, Yasumi: relax, Kumite: fighting, domo arigato gozai mashita: thank you very much 
Strikes or Blocks:
Tsuki: punch Seiken: closed fist, Tate: Vertical, Tetsui: Hammer fist, Uraken: back fist, Shotei: Palm, Shuto: Knife hand, Hiji ate: elbow strike, Hiraken: flat fist, Haito: inner knife edge, Barai: sweep, Uchi: has two meanings Strike or inside, Uke: to block or receive  Renraku: set fighting combination Kata: Shape or Form, Ganmen: Face, Ago: Jaw, Nukite: fingers
Chusoku: ball of foot, Hiza: Knee, Haisoku: top of foot, Kakato: Heel, Sune: Shin, Taiysoku: inner edge of foot, Sokuto: outer edge of foot, Keage: straight leg
Mae: Front, Yoko: side, Ushiro: back, Oroshi: descending, Age: rising, tobi: jumping, Ura: spinning, Gyaku: reverse, Mawashi: round, Kake: hooked, Uchi: inside, Soto: outside, Migi: right, Hidari: left, Sayu: right & left, Yon ju go: Forty five (degrees)
Fudo dachi: formal stance, Zenkutsu dachi: forward leaning stance, Kokutsu dachi: backward leaning stance, Sanchin dachi: 3 point stance, Yoi dachi: ready stance, Kake dachi: hooked stance, Kumite dachi: fighting stance, Tsuru ashi dachi: crane stance, Uchi hachi ji dachi: figure of eight stance,  Heiko dachi: open parallel foot stance, Heisoku dachi: closed parallel foot stance, Musubi dachi: Open toed stance, Moro ashi dachi: double foot stance, Kiba dachi: Horse or Straddle stance.
Counting 1-10:
1    Ichi (itch)
2    Ni (knee)
3    San (sun)
4    Shi (she)
5    Goho (go)
6    Roku (rock)
7    Sichi (sitch)
8    Hachi (hatch)
9    Ku (koo)
10  Ju (joo)