details on the various black-belts in the dojo


Shihan Nick da Costa - 6th Dan 

 As well as being the chief instructor of Docklands, he is also a member of the executive & technical committees of the British Karate Kyokushinkai. Shihan da Costa started karate in 1978 under the instruction of Sensei Bill Walsh 3rd dan who was 3 times B.K.K Wuko champion and a member of the first British World Knockdown Tournament team of 1975. His other instructor was Glen Sharp who also went on to be British Champion in Knockdown & Kickboxing. After approximately 6 months the young da Costa earned his England colours representing the BKK in the All Styles Wuko Championship and followed that some months later by winning his first BKK British Championship in Clicker in 1979. Also, at the same tournament he was a member of the Millwall team who won the team event. In 1982 he won his first British Knockdown Championship in the middleweight division, which was the first of 3, also winning the Tameshiwari (wood-breaking) twice. He also went on to win 2 European knockdown championships, two European Cups (Ibusz) and the inaugural Commonwealth Knockdown tournament in Australia in 1988. In 1984 and 1987 he took part in the World open-weight knockdown Tournaments in Japan (IKO) and despite being a middle-weight finished 6th & 8th respectively. Since retiring from competition in 1989 he has turned to coaching, and has helped students to win British, European and World Championships. 

 Below is a video of Shihan da Costa fighting Okomura of Japan @ the World Open-Weight Championships in Japan in 1987. Unfortunately it is labelled shotokan vs Kyokushin, but this is not the case.


Maria da CostaShihan Maria da Costa 5th dan, Started karate in 1981. During her fighting career, she won many international titles in Pointscoring and knockdown and was part of the British Karate Kyokushinkai's team that won the European team clicker championships in 1991. She helped shihan Nick da Costa found Docklands Karate Club whilst also training and competing at the dojo. Shihan Maria is a dedicated instructor who has been an inspiration to women karate exponents over the last 2 decades. During these successful years, she had 3 children who all now train in the club and who have won many British and also a world title.Shihan Maria was also the first female shihan in the B.K.K. and is also the treasurer of the association.






Senpai Reshat Kemal

Former junior national WUKO Champion. England International and runner up in the British Karate Kyokushinkai Advanced Point-scoring Championships 2014. Captain of Docklands Team that won the British Championship 2015. Pictured 2nd from Left below.


Senpai Chris da Costa 1st dan. Junior World Champion, 4 times British Champion. 


Below: Senpai Angela Bruce 1st Place

British Open Knockdown Champion Womens Lightweight   


Roxanne Nauth-Misir

 Senpai Roxanne Nauth-Misir 1st dan. International Knockdown Champion 3rd in World Championships held in Denmark 2013.